System Professional Solar Hair & Body Shampoo SOL1 250ml

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Gently cleanse the hair and body using System Professional Solar Hair and Body Shampoo, which removes sunscreen, salt and chlorine residue. The Solar Shampoo moisturizes the hair, improves combability and leaves the hair fresh, light and shiny. It is equally effective on the skin, gently removing waterproof sun lotions and hydrolipid residues.

Clients with an active, outdoor lifestyle that involves high exposure to sun and water.

Hair and body shampoo for an active and outdoor lifestyle
Can be used as a daily sports shampoo, both by men and women
Gently moisturizes hair, removing sunscreen, salt and chlorine residue
Fresh hydrated hair and skin feeling
With EnergyCode for responsive and energized hair


Usage: Massage evenly into damp hair. Rinse thoroughly.