System Professional Repair Shampoo R1 250ml

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Repair and nourish the hair with System Professional Repair Shampoo, the ideal preparation for sensitized and damaged hair. Repair Shampoo gently cleanses while respecting the delicate state of damaged hair, to leave a smooth surface. This strengthening hair shampoo perfectly prepares the hair for any following System Professional treatment, ensuring nourishment and easier combing without tearing.

For clients with highly damaged, brittle and sensitized hair.
Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair and daily cleansing.

Shampoo for damaged, brittle and sensitized hair
Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair and daily cleansing
Repairs and nourishes for improved combability
With EnergyCode for responsive and energized hair

Usage: Massage evenly into damp hair. Rinse thoroughly.