System Professional Repair Perfect Hair R5 150ml

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Hair is up to 10 times more sensitive to damage when it is wet. When exposed to heat the hair needs protection against heat and mechanical damage during the blow-dry. System Professional Perfect Hair provides hair with volume and improves its structure. The leave-in foam deeply strengthens the hair fiber. Hydrolized keratin and amino acids penetrate the porous zones of the hair structure and restructure the damaged area. The protective polymers of the Thermo-Resist formula make the hair more resistant against the effects of heat for strong and resilient hair. Stability and strength.

For weak hair. The client does not want a soft hair feel.

Auto-activating foam dispenser.
Ideal application before blow-drying.

Usage: Do not shake. Apply to towel-dried hair and distribute a sufficient amount according to length of hair. Do not rinse out.