System Professional Hydrate Conditioner H2 200ml

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Provide daily moisture to natural or dry hair with System Professional Hydrate Conditioner. This daily cream conditioner moisturizes the hair and prevents dehydration. It is an ideal product for the entire family, suitable also for men who prefer a rinse-out conditioner. Its lightweight formula is suitable for all hair textures, without overweighing. Hydrate Conditioner ensures softness, hydration and instant combability.

Provides daily moisture to natural or dry hair. The ideal product for the entire family, suitable also for men who prefer a rinse-our conditioner. Ideal for detangling long hair.

Conditioner for natural or dry hair
Ideal for detangling long hair
Daily cream moisturizes and helps prevent dryness for noticeable softness without overweighing the hair
With EnergyCode for responsive and energized hair

Usage: Massage into damp hair. Rinse after 30 seconds.