System Professional Balance Shampoo B1 250ml

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Nourish the scalp with System Professional Balance Shampoo, designed to care for and soothe dry and sensitive scalp. This moisturizing shampoo contains the exclusive Dermacalm Complex, which relaxes the scalp and helps it build up its own protective barrier. This dry scalp shampoo moisturizes the hair and scalp without drying it further, thanks to a gentle surfactant system and calming ingredients. The result is a healthy and resilient scalp.
For clients with a sensitive scalp that need daily gentle cleansing.
Shampoo for sensitive and dry scalp
Gently cares for the scalp with skin-friendly-pH
Prepares the scalp for the Energy Serum
With EnergyCode for responsive and energized hair and scalp
Usage: Massage evenly into damp hair. Rinse thoroughly.