Medik8 - Calmwise Colour Correct - 50mls

Redness Neutralising Cream

Tackle the signs of ageing and redness in one cream.



A complete anti-redness and anti-ageing cream designed to prevent flare-ups and provide instant coverage.


Calming within seconds of application, the nourishing cream absorbs quickly to leave skin smooth and supple.


0.5% Bakuchiol, Feverfew Extract, Chamomile Extract, Niacinamide, Perfluorodecalin, Aloe Vera Extract, Caffeine & Fading Green Pigment


Key Benefits

Redness Neutralising

Mineral green pigments quickly blend with your skin tone upon application, instantly neutralising redness for a more even complexion. Perfect for use under make-up or alone for quick colour correction and all-day hydration.


Containing 0.5% bakuchiol the cream offers retinol-like anti-ageing results without irritation, at clinical trial levels.

Soothing & Calming

Niacinamide and aloe vera soothe and calm skin to keep sensitivity at bay.

Immediate Relief

The restorative cream provides immediate relief for all types of redness including rosacea, thread veins and redness caused by blemishes.


How It Works

This intelligent redness corrector has 6 targeted actions on the skin to prevent and care for redness-prone skin.


The cream reduces red and sore inflammation in the skin using niacinamide and bisabolol derived from calming chamomile extract. It also helps to suppress the immune system to minimise future reactions in the skin.


Aloe vera and bakuchiol, derived from Indian Babchi seeds, quickly interrupt the inflammatory response to stop flushing.


The nourishing cream is able to enhance the skin’s natural barrier with niacinamide, which stimulates the production of protective ceramides in the upper layers of the skin. Meanwhile, it helps to reduce blood flow to the skin’s surface by constricting blood vessels. 


Caffeine reduces the surface area of veins to diffuse their appearance, while perfluorodecalin helps to minimise the formation of new blood capillaries.


Last but not least, the formula also offers instantaneous colour correction with mineral green pigments that immediately blend with your natural skin colour as it is applied. 


Medik8 - Calmwise Colour Correct - 50mls