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SMART Facials - What and Why are They?

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The Hair and Beauty Industry is undergoing massive changes in the needs and expectations of clients.

The Beauty side of the business, in particular, is adapting to a new breed of client, that demand quick and instant results from everything available to them on the salon Price list.

Since the dawn of aesthetic treatments - botox, fillers and such like, we as Beauty practitioners, must create services and treatments that satisfy these demands.

Eye Lash Perms have become Lash Lifts, Eye Brow Shaping and Tinting is now HD Brows. We have Microblading - semi permanent tattooed brows, gel and acrylic nails to name but a few of the Beauty Treatments that yield instant results.

So if you are busy, have little or no time for yourself? Then here is our solution for YOU!

The SMART Facial is specifically designed to adapt to your needs and wants.

Our Smart Express Facials take just 30 minutes and deliver unbelievable results in a short space of time – maybe over lunchtime or on the way home.

Smart Hydrating Facial

A deep cleansing, hydrating facial that plumps up and Smooths your skin. Great for Decongesting clogged up pores. Our Hydro-Wand+ system pumps hydrating serums into the skin, giving it a beautifully soft finish

Smart Exfoliating Facial

Deep cleansing, exfoliating, brightening and refreshing. Microdermabrasion removes dull and decongested skin, ideal for oily, blemished skin. Skin is left clear, shiny and healthy looking.

Smart Correcting Facial

Deep exfoliation is used to freshen up dull tired skin, reduce fine lines, pigmentation and acne marks as well as sun damage.

All the SMART Facials are available as Courses in order to achieve optimum results.

To book your Smart Facial call 0141 3398223 or Book Online here

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