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The New Revolution in Lash and Brow Tinting.

Henna for Eyebrows?

Yes, it’s not just for your hair growing from your scalp anymore.

For those of you that may have sparse eyebrows, Henna tinting is a process that allows you to go without having to fill them in with brow pencils and shadows for weeks!

The process is relatively similar to a henna tattoo application.

Your “Browologist” will clean and shape your eyebrows as usual, or you can come with your eyebrows previously arched. Then your henna colour is assessed. Henna comes in various shades and based on your hair colour, your "Browologist" will choose a shade that looks most natural for you. (You don’t want hair that is too dark! You risk the chance of appearing too dramatic almost as if you have drawn on brows with black ink)

Now the fun part: the henna application.

The henna is applied to your brows in your desired shape.

Upon first glance you might think the henna is super dark but don’t fear, it will be wiped off when dry, to reveal your new shape.

The amount of time henna brow tint stays on depends on both the colour of the henna and how often eyebrows are washed.

Eyebrows take 30 mins and includes an eyebrow shape - £30

Lash Tint takes 30 mins - £18

A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to your appointment

Call 0141 339 8223 for more information or book online here

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