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Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Advanced Skincare Clinic

Skincare is always a delicate subject - literally!

Today's quick fix culture is okay provided that you know the long term results and implications of say a BOTOX injections etc. Personally I prefer to grow old gracefully and work with what I've got.

So for me a good skincare regimen is vital.

No more "borrowing" my wife's moisturiser, no, I've got my own products form cleansers, to correctors and SPF 50 protectors. If you have any skin concerns go to a Skincare Specialist not a Botox Clinic.

The Skincare Clinic at Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty uses the very latest clinical ingredients and advanced treatments available today. They will arrange a bespoke programme to suit your individual needs and create solutions to alleviate any skin issues you may have.

It is well worth using these facials prior to resorting to BOTOX or fillers to assist your skincare problems.

Your Therapist combines all the treatments below to design a Bespoke Facial for you.

PEELS – choice of exfoliating, hydrating and firming.

CACI - Non-surgical muscle lifting and firming treatment available for face, jowls and eyes.

DIAMOND TOME MICRODERMABRASION – microdermabrasion for skin resurfacing and exfoliation


DERMALUX – Light therapy for hydration, firming, acne Seasonal Affective Disorder, rejuvenation and skin ageing prevention as well as spot prone and red flushed skin.

BESPOKE MASSAGE – a facial massage to relax, rejuvenate and stimulate.

The Bespoke Facial is a 60 or 90-minute facial designed FOR YOU by your Skincare Therapist.

Ideal for dehydrated, sun damaged, mature, sensitive, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, rosacea and sagging skin are just some of the skin conditions we can reduce and even eliminate.

By using all or some of the above treatments, our Therapists can adapt them to your particular skin type or condition. A tailored programme of these treatments is discussed and implemented, with some results showing immediately.

If you are a new client to the salon, why not buy an INTRODUCTORY PRESCRIPTIVE FACIAL here

and start your skincare journey right now - for £30 it's a steal.

If you are an existing client you can book your Bespoke Facial - Book Here or call 01413398223

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