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How do YOU keep your face clean?

Product Spotlight

Elizabeth Arden Pro - Gentle Facial Cleanser

After years of using all sorts of lotions and potions, I tried this and I am still using this great product daily.


Because it works, it provides my skin with tons of moisture, gets rid of all the rubbish on my face

giving it a clean, smooth and velvety feel.

I am also reliably informed that the Lactic acid contained therein is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

This light cream cleanser provides immediate, long-lasting hydration, improves skin’s moisture retention and removes dead skin, helps to get rid of blemishes and with regular use you will notice your skin has improved 100%

How to Use:

I apply one or two pumps to my face, neck and thoroughly massage into skin.

I rinse off in the shower and for a deeper clean re-apply and repeat. Ladies can use at night too!

Guys can use this for shaving too - apply as above and shave as normal rinse off in shower.

Since using this my skin has become fresher and brighter looking and ladies you can use this at night too if necessary, just repeat this before going to bed - maybe without the shower - the rinse off with warm water and a face sponge of cloth.

Elizabeth Arden Pro-Gentle Facial Cleanser is great value at £32 as this lasts for ages.

If you suffer from oily skin try the Elizabeth Arden Pro Clarifying Foam Cleanser pictured below. Two pumps and a beautifully soft foam is produced just wash your face and rinse off - it's that easy.

Same price as the Gentle Facial Cleanser

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