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The NANOKERATIN SYSTEM is a treatment that is a godsend for those whose tresses go wild on contact with heat and humidity - an issue especially when you are on holiday. The worst thing though is the terrible cross between frizz and curly that you are left with every time your perfectly dried hair, senses so much as the slightest drop of moisture. It is torture. Most holiday hairstyles consist of a variety of DIY up-dos. Even a professional style doesn't usually last long. Back home we spend a fortune getting it coloured and blown dry, but when the dreaded frizz kicks in it’s a nightmare. .

Never fear this treatment will solve all of theses problems. Nanokeratin is the new generation of the smoothing blow dry, the ­revolution for us frizzy-hair sufferers. It penetrates the smallest of hair fibres to activate inner tissue and smooths it for up to 16 weeks. Other benefits are less frizz, better condition and reducing drying time by a third - YES! Slight downside is that after the treatment is applied, you cannot wash your hair for three days. No pony tail or putting it behind your ears either. The system is so effective that if you put a curl, kink or bump in it, chances are it will stay that way.

The treatment takes about two hours, but for long and thick hair it can take more time.

The Express Nanokeration can be applied after a Cut or a Colour service and will last up to 6 weeks – cost is £80

Nanokeratin System Smoothing Treatment

Costs between £135 and £175 (depending on hair length and texture).

To book your treatment call :

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty on 0141 339 8223

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