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System Professional and Elizabeth Arden Pro.

After 40 years dedicated to transformative hair care, System Professional have now mastered ultra-personalisation. They have discovered that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile that determines its elasticity, fibre, health and responsiveness.

Defined by the hair’s lipid level, the glue that connects keratin to ensure cuticle integrity and flexibility, this personal “hair fingerprint” has an active influence on the hair’s energy.

New System Professional’s EnergyCode™ Complex is a technology designed to re-establish the hair’s natural lipid balance and protect the keratin for hair that feels reborn to a virgin state, visibly healthier and more responsive to touch, styling and colour.

By mapping each hair energy profile, we can prescribe a unique EnergyCode™ for each individual out of more than 174 million combinations: an ultra-personalised coded care system that maximises hair energy and turns care into a truly transformative beauty treatment and exclusive salon experience. View our full Wella Product range.

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Due to the active ingredients in Elizabeth Arden PRO products they can only be sold by approved skincare accounts that offer skin assessments by fully trained professionals.

This is why Elizabeth Arden PRO products cannot be bought directly online.

Elizabeth Arden PRO products are recommended once you have received a consultation or treatment plan from us on the products prior to purchase.

These Elizabeth Arden PRO products are advertised online at RRP.


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