The Dermalux LED Facial - Anti Ageing Treatment


Ageing skin creeps in over time as we age and is a completely natural part of the ageing process – but it doesn’t mean that we have to accept the lines, wrinkles and crepe skin that mother nature bestows on us, that can make us looked tired and older than our years.

As the inevitable signs of ageing begin to appear on the surface of your skin, you may notice fine lines forming around your nose, mouth and forehead, your skin becomes thinner meaning it will start to sag and wrinkles will become more visible on your face and hands.

Every year the media is filled with the supposed cure for wrinkles, ‘the best anti ageing creams’ and ‘best wrinkle creams’ and non surgical and surgical wrinkle treatments such as Dermal Fillers, Facelifts and Botox® - So it’s no wonder UK men and women are asking;

“which is the best anti ageing treatment?”

Dermalux LED is a SAFE and painless treatment for Ageing Skin – treating fine lines on the face, wrinkles under eyes, wrinkles on the face and hands and ageing hands.

There is no damage caused to surrounding skin cells as LED doesn't use chemicals or thermal heat, making it the best wrinkle treatment for Ageing Skin.

We are offering YOU 3 sessions for the price of 2 at £120 – normal RRP £180 - A HUGE SAVING OF £60!

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