The Dermalux LED Facial - Eczema Treatment


Skin Eczema is an inflammatory condition which is found mostly on the hands and face and affects around 10% of men and women in the UK.

It is usually caused from a mix of genetics and environmental triggers such as allergens, pregnancy, irritant chemicals, stress or weather.  

Redness, eczema rash, blisters, itchy and flaky skin are all symptoms of Eczema and although irritating and unsightly it is not contagious. 

Whilst many people use herbal remedies and Eczema creams, both medicated and over the counter, even the top rated best creams for Eczema cannot cure the condition – they can only relieve the symptoms.

Dermalux LED Facial Eczema treatment in the UK is safe for men and women with even the most sensitive skin. 

The powerful anti-bacterial properties in the Dermalux wavelengths don’t use chemicals or contain harmful UV light and overtime will stimulate your body’s natural healing process for Eczema relief.

We are offering YOU 3 sessions for the price of 2 at £120 – normal RRP £180 - A HUGE SAVING OF £60!

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