Hair Extensions - Made in Italy fitted in Glasgow


Get £150 OFF a Full Head and £75 OFF a Half Head Hair Extensions

when you book your appointment for April 2017

These stunning extensions are without doubt the best available in today's market.

Made from real hair and professionally bonded in Italy.

Includes a full consultation, colour matching, application and a cut to the style of your choice.

     A maintenance check will be carried out after 1 month which includes a complimentary Blow Dry.

Full head of Extensions from £600

Our fully trained Hair Extension Stylists  are undoubtedly the best in their field. 

Can be used on short hair, long hair to add thickness and volume, and guys can get longer hair with this unique product too!

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        How it's done!


                                  Before Fitting                                   After Fitting

 "Beautifully fitted - I love them" says Elaine

"Best decision I made in getting these" says Alana

"Only needed a few to give me some thickness" says Jody - "I love them"!