LED Photo Therapy Facials in Glasgow Beauty salon by highly trained therapists. LED Photo Therapy known to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and damaged skin.
LED Photo Therapy is based on the principle that living cells are able to absorb and are influenced by light and the treatment has long been recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

While we often associate light exposure with skin ageing and damage, light also has many positive influences on the body. It helps us produce vitamin D and provides energy and serotonin and can also accelerate our skin’s natural repair processes.


The differences between the positive and negative effects of light are the amount and the parts of the light spectrum we are exposed to. On-going exposure to UV is very damaging but controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial.

The treatment involves exposing the skin to low levels of this beneficial light energy from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum which energise cellular functions to stimulate various cellular processes with therapeutic effects. Skin cells that are energised function better and regenerate faster which in turn leads to younger, healthy and radiant skin. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and creates a general feeling of well being.

The ideal facial if you are going to a wedding or function, this will give your skin an instant lift and allow you to have flawless make up..



What is Fusion Light Therapy?

An innovative photo facial utilising natural visible red light and near infra-red light wavelengths to restore cell processes in the skin to soften fine lines, improve skin tone and brighten the complexion. It utilises light energy, to alter biological activity in the skin for a younger, healthier complexion.

This unique, clinically proven photo facial device provides this powerful LED rejuvenation to the skin via an easy-to-use mask for the face and a “Hydro Gel Mask” applied directly onto the face.

It utilises photo therapy to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion, helping to hydrate, energise, smooth and brighten. Non-invasive, quick and great to use alongside other skin treatments.

By exposing the skin to light of a specific wavelength, this unique device helps to increase the balance of collagen and elastin, improving blood flow and eliminating toxins from to the skin to provide a comprehensive treatment that betters health and appearance.


90% of customers said that after 1 light fusion treatment their skin felt softer, smoother, plumper, hydrated, brighter, refreshed, firmer and tighter with a visible reduction in fine lines.

Step out of the Dark and into the Light.