Perfect Colour



Hair Colouring with the very best in Glasgow Hair Colour
from Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty.
Our Master Colour  Expert team, will create your unique look,
using only the very best Wella, Koleston, Colour Touch and Illumina colour Products.

Our Creative Team use a process known as COUTURE COLOUR.
 a simple way to colour that enhances your cut and hair texture
for a bespoke look that’s as individual as you are.

We’ve narrowed it down your four main hair concerns.

add a high-quality bespoke cut
and you have the Perfect end to a Perfect experience!



The ideal colour choice for anyone who has battled flat roots and limp ends. How it works: Having one solid colour can make your hair look flat and lifeless, adding different tones will give your hair an extra boost. Your expert colourist will tailor your colour placement to lift the hair giving the illusion of body which creates the impression of volume. Perfect for all hair types but particularly fine and limp hair that needs a bit of a boost.

Texture Enhancer

A favourite with fashions elite, if you love undone hair with movement and tousled texture then this is the colour for you.

How it works: Your expert colourist will place colour that’s in contrast with your natural shade on the lengths and ends to emphasise every wave and bend. Perfect for every tone and shade, but the multi-tonal effect of colour is the key to this look.


We use this technique to define and enhance your features. Plus, it will help brighten your skin tone. How it works: Lighter pieces around your hair line will draw attention to your best features such as eyes and cheekbones. Your expert colourist will select the perfect tone for you, as a rule usually three shades lighter than your natural shade. Perfect for grown out fringes and haircuts with shorter layers around the face. We have also created the Nontouring technique for a softer subtle finish

Tailored Cut

Long Hair, short hair or curly hair we can create the look you want. Our Creative Stylists are very experienced cutters (and colourists) so what you want is what you get. 

Face shape is the most important part of your cut. Put the wrong cut with the wrong face shape and you have a problem. 

Our Contour Colouring service enhances your cut and helps you achieve the look that you want.

Book your colour and cut now and get the look you've always wanted.