CACI Facials in Glasgow Beauty Salon by highly trained therapists. A non invasive Non Surgical Facelift using the world renowned CACI System, eyes and jowls available too. 

CACI offers incredible firming results for clients who demand a powerful anti-ageing treatment without the need more invasive procedures.

With the use of controlled micro current to stimulate facial muscles the CACI Non - Surgical Face Lift helps to remove, reduce and soften lines, particularly around the mouth and eye area.

The CACI facial will also leave your skin feeling softer, tighter and more youthful looking.

CACI incorporates different technologies within one treatment, making it one of our most powerful and effective facials. The treatment includes; Micro current that will stimulate the facial muscles, providing tone and definition to the face, stimulates blood flow around the face through the muscle tissue bringing nutrients to the skin ultimately strengthening the collagen and elastin in your skin

This very advanced facial can provide dramatic results and is one of our most popular treatments.

Why not try a CACI Facial or a Course of 5 or 10 treatments.

Add in Eyes or Jowl and Save even more!