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The Scourge of modern day society?

Maybe not strictly true, but ingrown hairs can be really painful, irritable and unsightly especially if they are very visible on the face. Nothing worse than a huge spot on your face especially before going on a big night out!

Sometimes a decent foundation conceals it - but in a lot of cases your making it worse due to the impurities in the foundation. Use a powdered foundation that has no additives when covering up a hair or spot.

Personally when I get an ingrown hair, out come the tweezers and I pull it out - remember to cleanse the area you've removed the hair from to avoid further infection. 

Guys suffer with ingrown hair for a couple of reasons - curly hair and bad shaving practices.

Most men do not use a shaving brush to apply shave cream to their face nowadays, although the growth of the modern gents barber, has shown guys the correct way to shave. The brush actually helps you to lift the ingrown hair out of the skin allowing your razor to cut it off - unfortunately it can grow back.


A hair follicle will grow as normal, the curling hair develops and continues to grow under the skin. The hair shaft grows out of the skin and then turns back into the skin causing infection, redness and even poison under the skin.

Ladies can also get ingrown hair from poor waxing, resulting in the same issues with their skin. The bikini area is very susceptible to this, due to continuous waxing. Ensure your Therapist uses a good After Wax Lotion and you do not shower after waxing as all your hair follicles will be open to the elements and can become infected with showering.


A good facial cleanse and a body exfoliation would be a great start point. Use twice a day morning and night to alleviate all the environmental attacks on the skin and also assist in allowing the ingrown hair to grow by exfoliating the thin skin covering the hair.

Guys, when shaving and after applying shave cream try and shave "with the grain" initially and then "against the grain" - this will give you a smoother longer lasting shave and reduce the growth of ingrown hair

Cleanse skin thoroughly and apply a Elizabeth Arden Pro Skin Renewal Cream which will exfoliate your skin and allow the hair shaft to grow out of the hair follicle at the right angle, ready for the next shave

Sold one of the Skin Renewal cream to a Rugby player who had some ingrown hairs under his chin - he's going to try it out and I'll show you the results in a couple of weeks.

If you feel that you are struggling with spots or even acne on your face call us and book a Dermalux LED Phototherapy session under the Blue Light - this will get rid and reduce your breakouts.

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