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Product Spotlight - Nioxin Hair Booster

Part of the Nioxin Hairloss system the Hair Booster, this unique product is an intensive treatment used in areas of the scalp that need additional help to boost poor areas of growth. It is applied directly to the affected area and gently massaged in - should ideally be used with the Nioxin Cleanser and Scalp Revitaliser products available in salon.

Nioxin Hair Booster delivers an intensive boost to areas of low density. It is a leave-on booster for areas of concern, such as receding hairline or a low-density crown. 


The ultra-concentrated formula, with CoZyme-10® Vitamin Complex, targets areas of advanced thin-looking hair such as the hairline or crown, as an additional benefit this wonderful product is great for skincare too - it will reduce scarring by using a daily application to any scars.



  • Use twice daily. Distribute with fingertips from root to tips on areas of advanced thin-looking hair and along the hairline. Apply Hair Booster prior to applying your NIOXIN Scalp Treatment. Advanced formula with Vitamin Complex provides a warming sensation and gives temporary redness to skin after application.


Formulated with CoZyme-10® Vitamin Complex - specially designed for areas of low density and advanced thin-looking hair. It conditions hair and forms a protective barrier to help boost protection against cuticle damage.

Hair Booster Retails at £18.00 and is available at Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty:

call 01413398223 for more details.

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