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Product Spotlight - Sebastian Potion 9

In order to understand the Sebastian Philosophy you need to know their Vision for Fearless Hair Fashion:

"We push, we challenge, we provoke, you know the rules - we encourage you to break them. At Sebastian we do hair differently, constantly surprising and unexpected"



Sebastian are known for producing great iconic products that work. They produce innovative and ground breaking that revive the industry and style in the now!

With these innovative products you can create superior styles and transform hair fro day to night whenever you want!

So let me introduce you to Sebastian Potion 9 is a great iconic product that we cannot get enough of in the salons.

Erin - our Hair Salon Manager -  says that "Potion 9 is a beautiful wearable, styling treatment for any hair type - especially for coarse and curly hair"

Will - another Senior Stylist raves about the Potion 9 Lite as well as Potion 9 - he says I love this light leave in hydrating styling treatment - great for de-tangling long hair, I use it on all my clients before I start blowdrying


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