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Sebastian Launch The Metamorphik Range

Hi Guys,
It's been an exciting week in the salon, Great Lengths Hair Extensions are so popular we have created 4 great new looks for our clients:


Here's one we did earlier:



Hair created and fitted by Chris one one of our experts!

The Ellen Conlin Hair style teams in our Hyndland  and Giffnock salons are having a great time messing about with the new Sebastian Metamorphik -  Resintek and Euruptek products. They are moving swiftly out the door!
Erin - "Head of the ECH Style Team" in our Glasgow West End salon "loves Resintek and it's versatility on dry or wet hair, it can be used as a styling or blow dry product - FAB!
                                    RESINTEK                                              EURUPTEK  


Hyper-shine with intense memory hold.

Where nature gives us creativity, technology creates opportunity: the world’s most durable wax is sourced from the carnauba tree and refined into Resintek, a liquid sap that ignites hyper-reflectivity with infinite, remouldable hold the second it meets the hair.

Distribute a small amount in your palm and glide through dry hair, using fingers to mold, shape and define as desired.

The second addition to the Metamorphik range is ERUPTEK which is loved by Robyn in our Giffnock Salon Style team, who says "I like the dual application of this product".


Explosive texture, expansive volume.
A lava-like paste compounding the heat and energy of a volcano Eruptek detonates on contact with hair for expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture.

To detonate the artistic power of Eruptek, rub between palms and distribute evenly through dry hair, moulding until the product becomes completely dry. For explosive volume and texture, use on damp hair and blow-dry, or dial up the detonation by applying a second layer.

As always we are at the cutting edge with new products for our clients - we hope you love these?
Ask for a sample in the salons.

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