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Ellen Conlin Hair Cyber Attack- Update

To quote Alan Carr "What a week it's been!"

Still reeling after the Ransom-ware attack on 19 Oct 2015.

However our decision to go to the press was the right one. Ellen and I thought of three things before doing this:

1. Letting our customers know that there had not been any security breach and no personal information had been compromised, and to get in touch to confirm their future appointments.
2. Informing other businesses to review their computer security processes, upgrade them and create them if they were not in place.

3. Would we receive negative publicity about this?

Businesses are always apprehensive about "going to the press" in case of negative publicity, we found all the Media from National News teams to local press and Radio to be very sympathetic and supportive about what had happened, and they put all our thoughts and objectives across to the public as we had asked.

The Police Cyber Unit have been really supportive, after a slow start in responding. We have given statements to them, and they are anaylising our hard drive to ascertain where the attack came from - which is really comforting that someone is chasing these criminals. The Police also believe that the "bug" or "virus" could have come into our system from a supplier sending us electronic invoices.



Coincidently we had a call from PHS our hygiene supplier who told us they had been hacked and emails with infected invoices attached to them had been sent to customers, the Police are checking this out too.

As a result of all that has happened we carried out an in depth review in conjunction with Salon Genius and beefed up and invested in all our security systems on our internal computer and our website - 

Our biggest issue is our Appointment system and many of our loyal clients have been in touch to confirm and update their appointments, which has enabled us to function again using our CRM systems for text message and email marketing.

I would just like to remind our loyal clients to get in touch with the salon just to rebook their appointments and to update their details, this would really help us and I thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

Here are some links showing the story in the Press and TV News:

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Daily Record
Evening Times
The Herald
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STV News

Just another week in the life of a self employed couple!

Have a safe and secure day

Ken and Ellen x

  • Rob Atkinson says...

    Hi Ellen & Ken,
    So sorry to hear of your hack – we have followed the news articles with interest since one of my team stumbled across it just after it happened . Unfortunately, this is becoming a way of life now and we as a broker are seeing more and more of these incidents. I’m glad to see that you’ve rolled up your sleeves and got on with it; the main thing to do when this happens is not to panic. Talk to your insurance broker about cyber cover – this would have paid to get you put right and picked up some PR expenses too. if he won’t help, we’d love to
    best wishes, Rob

    On Apr 29, 2016

  • Kay Alston says...

    Hi kenny
    First of all, I’m gutted to hear about your experience with hackers. However, I was so excited to see your familiar face on tv last night! You haven’t changed a bit and I would like some tips on how you look so darned young. Life is obviously good for you and here’s to that! I retired from teaching last year and Colin retires soon. We’ve got a camper van so are planning a trip to two later in the year. Life is good here too. Fond wishes! Kay X

    On Mar 01, 2016

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