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Seven Steps to Business and Personal Survival - Ellen Conlin Main- MD, Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Success is 99% Failure!

Or is IT?


We started our business over 15 years ago and have had a very traumatic last 4 years on a personal level. I have recovered from Breast Cancer, my husband had a pacemaker fitted and a replacement hip so things have been stressful to say the least!

We have used the following seven ideas to get us through these tough times and they have worked for us. So give them a go or adapt them to your life - failing that you can follow our last solution which is at the bottom of the page.

Work hard play harder!

We are all working harder than ever in order to keep ahead of everything that goes on in our lives – mums are stretched from pillar to post with children, the house and husbands. Husbands are working longer hours to maintain their family’s standard of living, 12 hour days are common place! Find time to relax, escape the everyday run of the mill chores even if it’s just reading a book with a good wine. Take your partner for a meal; remember to put as much effort into your relaxation as you do with your work.

Give your partner or friends a treat!

Even if it’s just a lovely bunch of flowers (I send my husband flowers – although I think he would really prefer a nice malt), but I get the benefit of the flowers. My husband buys me little gifts and flowers regularly, I also feel really good when I give a gift or do something nice for a friend or loved one.

Do lots of entertaining!

Entertaining does not mean spending fortunes on dinner or extravagant parties. Have friends round for a pasta or just share a meal. Meet up on the way home for tapas and a glass of wine just to catch up with them. Take a barbeque for example, we cannot arrange them in advance particularly in Scotland so we have a number of friends who are happy to pop round at the last minute if the weather is good! The trouble with the unplanned get together, is that they tend to be the most enjoyable and you can’t get your guests home.

Preparation and Planning Prevents a Poor Performance!

It’s vital to plan ahead – we do it all the time – sometimes we do it unconsciously because it is a part of our life. We have business plans stretching over the next 5 – 10 years and personal ones as well. We once considered buying a holiday home abroad, but why should we when Scotland has so much to offer and it only takes a few hours to travel to! Why invest in another country when we live in the best one with the best natural produce, the best water, the best people and the finest scenery – what more do we need! Sometimes the weather can let you down though!

Don’t Worry Be Happy! (stay positive)

Sometimes you can’t help worrying - it’s a natural emotion. Worrying about things clouds the logical mind. Whether you worry about friends, family, money, love, the weather, travelling indeed anything, try and deal with the problem right away or face on - that way you solve it or reduce the worry and move on into a very positive state.

We work daily with young people who are just setting out on their journey through life and find it difficult to deal with everyday occurrences like paying bills, setting up direct debits, rent agreements, bank loans, buying a car for the first time etc. We always advise them to plan ahead and deal with these everyday issues as quickly and efficiently as possible – if these things are not dealt with they can become major headaches for young (and old) people.

Talk don’t Text

I am being a little hypocritical here as we really a lot on texting in our business! However, why can’t we just phone and speak to the person on the other end of the line instead of this sub culture of twittering and texting. How can we possibly communicate properly and professionally via text. I received a text from my step son in Canada recently and my husband had to translate the whole thing for me. I still think LOL means “Lots of love” – I believe it now means “laugh out loud”!!!

Boxing – the best stress reliever ever!

I have started using my husband’s punch bag in our garage – he bought me a set of ladies gloves so I wouldn't damage my hands. I must say it’s been a godsend 10 mins punching the bag is a great exercise; it is incredibly invigorating, helps breathing, arm strength, good cardio workout and doesn't take to long. You get incredibly sweaty but it is a fabulous feeling when it’s over. You can stick things on the bag that cause you grief and take it out on them – a great idea. Boxercise is still great at the gym but if you have a punch bag in the garage why not?

If all else fails have a large glass of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

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