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Hair and Scalp Analysis – WHY?

Hair and Scalp Analysis – WHY?

Have you ever looked at your hair and scalp under a microscope?

It’s pretty scary when you do! Looking at all those imperfections like dry, flaky scalp, redness, ingrown hairs and even the dreaded hair loss, it is literally a visual minefield.

As NIOXIN Experts at Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty, we routinely analyse client’s hair and scalp, so that we can diagnose the correct product for that particular client.

In today’s world of mass market products, we buy everything for speed of use and convenience.

We are wasting thousands on products and items that just don’t work for us!

Have you heard the phrase -  “Buying cheap costs you dear?”

It’s so true you can spend a fortune buying “Mass Market Products” and never find what you are looking for!

The solution is easy – ask the experts!



Hair and Scalp analysis – what is that!

Well we look at your hair and scalp through a NIOSCOPE (microscope) and let you see the results on a tablet – you see this as it happens.

From looking at your scalp we see what condition your scalp is in, if the hair follicle is clogged with product or sebum (gungie oil) and other residues. From this we can diagnose the correct products to alleviate any issues you may have with your hair and scalp.

If you have any problems we would recommend a Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment to start with this removes, calms and soothes away most of these problems. We know that after this treatment you can start using your diagnosed products in the knowledge that your scalp will respond quickly and efficiently to these products.

So that’s it - book in for a Hair and Scalp Health check and see how your head is performing.

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