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Illumina Colour by Wella - It’s an Innovation!


This unique colour product by the guys at Wella, gives our Colour shy clients the chance to shine with the new Illumina Colour.

Using the most advanced science yet, this colour revolution is the ideal option for the clients who are cautious about colour and wary about the damage it could cause.

 The new technology at the heart of Illumina Colour protects the cuticle providing beautiful, glossy results. And with 50% of clients willing to pay more for a colour service that offers superior protection, Illumina colour will help you give clients the benefits that they have been waiting for.


Cuticle care                                  


Did you know that the outer layer of your hair – the cuticle – is transparent like your nails? The condition of the cuticle is extremely important for colouring as it allows light to pass through and reveal the hairs true colour tones. However, impurities (like copper) which are left as a residue on the hair from water during washing, can stick to the cuticle and form free radicles during the colour process – this in turn can cause damage to the cuticle surface leaving it rough and uneven. This means that the cuticle is no longer transparent, so when light interacts with the hair it becomes diffused and is unable to enter the hair or reflect the colour with the same intensity as before – all of which means there is less  luminosity, colour after colour.

See the difference

 Illumina colour contains patented micro light technology, which uses millions of micro particles to encapsulate the residue left on the hair. Micro light technology protects the cuticles so they maintain their clarity and keeps the surface of the hair healthy looking and more transparent with every colour service; in fact  illumina colour boasts superior hair protection and up to 70% more light reflection, as well as up to 100% grey/white coverage.

Natural look

Ignite the colour passion within your clients with a range that’s perfect for everyone; from the fashion – obsessed perfectionist who wants a cutting-edge colour to the sophisticated maturist – those glamorous older clients who want colour that adds subtle, but radiant, beauty. It’s also the ideal choice for the naturalist – those clients that have shied away from change in the past; afraid of damage or looking obviously-coloured.

Illumina Colour provides a finish that’s natural and healthy looking for a luminous look like the hair you were born with, but better.

Ask in Hyndland or Giffnock for your perfect choice or Call 0141 339 8223 or 0141 638 0331


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